Swire Pacific Offshore


Contractor: Swire Pacific Offshore, Singapore
Simulation of a full mission bridge for training anchor handling procedures. The simulator combines nautical aspects with full engine room operation and the physical and mechanical conditions imposed on the vessel. The simulator is equipped with two full mission bridge and engine control room and the outside world is projected on a cylindrical wall using two high quality VR4MAX based visual systems in full 360° and 270° respectively, using 24 projectors.

All anchor handling, towing and manoeuvring procedures and situations can be imposed on the trainees by an instructor and need to be resolved under very realistic circumstances. The procedures on deck are supported by interactive animations, of both characters and equipment. This simulator was built in coproduction with Marin, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, and L3-MPRI. The simulator is equipped with an atmosphere systems, including realistic water, lighting, and weather conditions and research is going on to keep the simulator state-of-the-art, for instance with Deep-Sea procedures.

The SPO training centre

In June 2007, Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) opened its dedicated marine training centre in Loyang, Singapore. The centre is the most advanced of its kind in the offshore industry and the first such facility in Asia. The facility has now the ability to fully and realistically simulate the working environment of its 7 different classes of offshore support vessels in a safe, well managed setting. The simulator is capable of providing training in bridge management, engine room operations, dynamic positioning, anchor handling, and safety procedures.

SPO recognises that human resource development is critical to sustaining high quality service. As a leading provider of offshore services to the world’s oil majors, they are continually looking for ways to enhance their performance through staff training programmes and an emphasis on superior marine skills.

The Board of the SPO group recognised that with operations taking place in ever more challenging environments, the challenge for the company was to develop a comprehensive marine training programme that could prepare staff appropriately. The training centre has demonstrated its value as a complement to traditional ‘on the job’ training methods and statutory certification courses. SPO decided to invest in the innovative technology from MARIN and Tree C to provide the most integrated full-mission bridge and engine room experience of any simulator worldwide. [Note: engine room simulator provided by L-3 MPRI]