Crane simulator for Heerema AEGIR 4000mT OMC

The Project

In close cooperation with Huisman Equipment Tree C supplied a 4.000mT OMC heavy lift and multi pipelay simulator of the DCV AEGIR to Heerema Marine Contractors.

The OMC Simulator is developed to train for complex heavy lifting procedures. The simulator prepares the operators to execute their missions under a variety of realistically simulated conditions. The simulator also is an excellent platform for preparing specific lift operations.

Our solution

In this full mission simulator the Huisman control system is integrated and the hydrodynamic responses are calculated by Octopus (ABB-Amarcon). The simulator consists of an instructor station and an operator console.

Instructor and operator

The instructor station provides the interface for the instructor to set up a scenario or mission and to operate the simulator functionalities that are not within the control of the crane operator, such as weather settings and connecting hooks to payloads during a training session. The operator console consists of the required crane controls including joy-sticks, a CCTV screen and a SCADA screen.

High fidelity

The combination of the high fidelity physics modelling in combination with the applied hydrodynamics provide highly consistent responses of the simulated vessel, a prerequisite of the client. The simulator was already used during the build phase, amongst others, to validate the critical lifts in preparation of commissioning the crane.


This simulator has been delivered in three versions:

  • Full mission simulator at the Heerema Academy.
  • A copy of the full mission simulator onboard the AEGIR.
  • Field support simulator.

Training scenarios

This simulator comes equipped with a multitude of training scenarios, ranging from load tests to real life procedures, like buoyancy tank removal and the installation of the RJ Tower on the AEGIR itself. Each procedure will give the trainee new insights and skills needed when operating the OMC. When the instructor would like to provide a new challenge, with the exercise creator the existing scenarios can be modified to create new scenarios, like recovery from a faulty situation, expanding the educational reach of the simulator.

Each of these training sessions can be recorded and replayed for debriefing or later assessment. This replay reconstructs all the actions done in the previous simulation and the user has full freedom of movement while flying through the simulation session.

The same functionality is available to set-up a custom lift procedure. Alternative procedures can be assessed and the best candidate saved to document bids and to be used to familiarize the operational team with the actual execution.