Tree C supports the complete equipment and project life cycle with simulation and interactive visualization solutions

Multi-purpose simulation, as offered by Tree C, is a key factor in creating operational efficiency in heavy equipment and remote handling industries. Our systems provide a virtual representation of your assets for testing, training, mission planning and monitoring in a safe and realistic environment. We provide a powerful combination of innovation and proven technology from the offshore and nuclear industries. Our solutions are flexible and scalable, always tailored to increase efficiency and safety for your project.

Ready to get started with VR? We provide the application and the expertise to create your professional virtual reality solutions

With VR4MAX as powerful AgX physics-based VR platform, we offer multiple levels of cooperation and an efficient workflow to bring your equipment and processes to life in VR. With more than 25 years of experience in robotic and heavy equipment simulation, Tree C’s team of dedicated professionals is ready to support your goals.

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News flash – Tree C is proud to present Retiina, a cooperation with Veolia Nuclear Solutions. Retiina brings virtual reality simulation technology for remote handling in the global nuclear decommissioning market.

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Asset efficiency through VR