J-lay and reel lay simulator for Heerema AEGIR

The project

In close cooperation with Huisman Equipment Tree C supplied a 4.000mT OMC heavy lift and multi pipelay simulator of the DCV AEGIR to Heerema Marine Contractors.

The DCV AEGIR Multi (pipe-) Lay Simulator is developed to train pipe lay procedures. This Huisman engineered and one of the world’s most versatile, thus complex, offshore pipe lay towers is capable of executing a variety of different pipe lay techniques. Having a realistic simulator is a valuable tool to ensure well prepared crews and missions.

Our solution

Tree C provided a fully operable virtual pipe lay tower, controlled by the actual control system software. This required an accurate model of the equipment including all sensors, end-stops etc. to provide adequate feedback to the control system. Therefor the virtual twin of the pipe lay tower was completely physics rigged. Pipes in the simulator are, for instance, handled based on friction forces, like in the real machine. Even one of the most complex steps within the process, the pipe initiation from the 3000mT pipe reel to the tower could be trained.

Training scenarios

The simulator offers fifteen different procedures. Seven reel lay scenarios, six light j-lay scenarios and two abandon & recovery scenarios. Each chosen scenario can be configured before starting it. Besides the configuration, also a starting point in the procedure can be chosen, allowing the instructor to skip certain parts of the procedures and focus the training elsewhere. All equipment can be controlled in each procedure at any time, allowing deviation from the training scenario.

Each of these training sessions can be recorded and replayed for debriefing. This replay mode repeats all the actions done in the previous simulation and therefor the user can fly freely through the re-playing simulation to examine the session.

Training procedures:

• Reel lay: Initiation
• Reel lay: 1st end PLET
• Reel lay: Normal lay
• Reel lay: Reverse reel procedure
• Reel lay: Medium pipe section removal
• Reel lay: ILT installation
• Reel lay: 2nd end PLET
• Light J-lay: 1ste end PLET
• Light J-lay: Quad joint installation
• Light J-lay: Quad joint removal
• Light J-lay: ILT installation
• Light J-lay: 2nd end PLET
• Light J-lay: PLET removal
• A&R: Abandon procedure
• A&R: Recovery of the pipe

Simulator Setup

Two full mission simulators were delivered, one for the Heerema Academy and the other on board the AEGIR. The simulators are integrated with the Huisman controls system and the hydrodynamic responses of the vessel are calculated by Octopus (ABB-Amarcon). The simulators consist of an instructor station and an operator console. The instructor station provides the interface for the instructor to set up a scenario and to operate the simulator functionalities that the trainee cannot control, such as weather settings, and activating procedural actions during a training session. The operator console consists of the required operator controls including a CCTV and a SCADA screen.