ROV simulation for Soil Machine Dynamics

ROV Simulation

Tree C’s ROV Simulators are aimed at increasing efficiency of subsea interventions. They provide a virtual representation of your subsea equipment for mission planning, mission validation and training in a safe and realistic environment. The system is generic, scalable and expandable with your specific operations.

Scalable software and hardware set-up
The simulator can have several ROV models of varying sizes, various tools and equipment, as well as a range of interchangeable offshore-training missions and scenarios. Also the simulator hardware setup is scalable from laptop to full console including control software.

User interface and exercise creation
For instructors, it provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface. It allows creating new scenarios based on the available range of ROVs, tools and equipment; controlling the support vessel; introducing faults and calamities; modifying existing scenarios; changing atmospheric conditions such as sea state, weather, daytime and location, etc. A running simulation – including the current state of the art physics engine – can be paused and saved, and later reloaded and resumed for more flexible and time-independent training sessions and debriefing.

IMCA Class A compliant
The console-based version of the simulator complies with requirements for IMCA Class A simulators. The simulator can be delivered as is or adapted to your specific needs, different vehicles, tooling etc. Complementary network client computers can be used to display the ROV CCTV cameras and sonar.

Key features:

• Large library of assets and equipment
• Default missions
• Configurable missions
• Custom mission validation
• Fully immersive 3D environment
• Hardware-in-the-loop
• Full vehicle control
• Pause, save and resume sessions
• Accurate ROV navigation
• Realistic tether behavior
• Vessel hydrodynamics
• Collision and friction physics
• Supervisor station


The simulator can be directly connected to the control system PLCs via OPC. The 7 function manipulator can be controlled by means of a master arm controller via serial connection. Third party software can be connected to receive navigation or sonar scan data. Optionally, the ROV navigation can be performed by means of a dedicated joystick or Xbox controller.

Mission planning and validation

Apart from training, the platform is meant for validating your engineered solutions for future projects and subsea missions. The system offers an efficient workflow to enter new structures, components, tooling and environments into the system, in order to perform a multidiscipline validation of the new equipment and procedures. Once these custom components are created, they are used similar to the standard supplied components within the already familiar system. This results in well trained pilots, familiar with the upcoming missions, missions that will be performed first time right.

Hardware-in-the-loop setups:

Tree-C SMD ROV simulator console setup
Tree-C SMD ROV simulator launch setup


Tree C is proud that Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of remote intervention equipment has been among the first to adopt Tree C’s technology as their synthetic environment and virtualization platform Sentio.

The SENTIO Simulator comes with three SMD ROV models of varying sizes, various tools and equipment, as well as a range of interchangeable offshore-training missions and scenarios. The simulator fully supports SMD’s control desk, and it therefore allows pilots to use realistic controls during training.