Crane simulator for Huisman SkyHook crane

The project

Designed and built by Huisman Equipment and installed on Huisman China’s own quayside, the Skyhook Crane is referred to as the strongest moveable quayside crane in the world. Tree C provided a hardware-in-the-loop simulator for training and to prepare critical lifts.

With a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 1.200mT (without super ballast) and a SWL of 2.400mT (with super ballast) it is capable of lifting approximately 2000 cars in one lift. With this load, this crane can travel along the complete Huisman China quayside of 380m in length. The crane reaches to 145m high when the boom is up and this is equivalent to a building of 50 floors. The Skyhook is an impressive landmark in Xiamen Port area and will be used for loading/unloading and installation activities at the Huisman China quayside.

This simulator will be used for training crane operators, as well as providing a tool to design and validate lifting procedures.

Training and validation

Standard and custom payloads
Through the instructor-desk the instructor is able to setup multiple training scenarios. This will be done before a simulation is started, in the exercise creation mode. In this mode the instructor configures the simulator to the needs of the training session. The instructor can choose from a variety of different models like payloads, quay objects and a supply vessel. All these models can individually be placed and moved within the scene. The crane’s starting point and hoists can individually be configured. Lastly an atmospheric preset can be selected. All these configuration parameters can be saved and loaded for later use.

Realistic setting of lift procedure
During simulation the instructor will provide for all actions which are typically not controlled by the crane operator. For example, attaching slings to hooks or inserting the storm fastening pins. He could also play the role of the banksman through signals and other communication with the crane operator, creating a realistic setting for such lifts. Additionally, the instructor is able to control the weather and sea state.