Crane Simulator for Huisman 400mT Offshore Mast Crane

The Project

The 400mT Offshore Mast Crane (OMC) is permanently installed on board a vessel and is especially designed for lift operations at sea or open water. Tree C developed a training simulator for the crane operators. The simulator is connected to the actual control systems and is operated through similar control hardware as on board a vessel, offering a realistic training experience.

The simulator enables the trainees at Huisman to fully familiarize themselves with the equipment. The integration of the simulator with the actual control system also provides Huisman’s engineers with an excellent opportunity to test control system software updates on the virtual crane, prior to installing them onboard a vessel.

“Besides for operator training, our simulators are used for mission planning. Tree C simulators create a risk free environment in which alternative ways to execute specific offshore operations can be safely validated and rehearsed. This reduces operational risks and lead-times and thus operational expenses, a key decisive factor for offshore contractors in current market.”

Mr. G.A. Weder, Managing Director of Tree C Technology BV

Key features:

• Physics based crane simulation
• Immersive VR experience
• Integrated control system
• Actual control hardware
• Heave compensation
• Ballasting
• Mooring
• Banksman
• Realistic weather and wind conditions
• Exercise creation
• Payload guides
• Diagnostics
• Session recording and replay
• Custom payloads

Simulator setup

This simulator was initially developed for the Huisman Academy in Schiedam, NL. Also copies of this simulator are operational at the Huisman Singapore and Houston offices. In the Huisman Academy in Schiedam the simulation environment is projected on an impressive, large spherical dome, giving the operator a fully immersive experience. At the other locations a cave-screen setup is used. This gives the operator a wide field of view of the simulated scene, an additional CCTV screen located next to the operator chair provides additional views.

“We are happy with the outcome of our association with Tree C in developing the 400mt OMC simulator for Huisman Singapore. This adds to our capability to offer to our customers training, expert investigations and troubleshooting.”

Mr. Palakodety, Managing Director of Huisman Far East Services


Exercise creation
Through the instructor-desk the instructor can prepare multiple training scenarios in the exercise creation mode. The instructor can choose from a variety of different models of training sites, payloads, quay objects, deck layouts and a supply vessel. All components are equipped with their own physical simulation properties. All models from the library can individually be placed and moved within the scene. The crane’s starting position and reevings can be configured, as well as the vessel’s initial ballast/mooring settings. Lastly an atmospheric preset can be selected. All these configurations can be saved and loaded as appropriate.

Instructor view and controls
During simulation the instructor can fly through the scene to observe the trainee’s actions. The instructor can also participate by executing all other actions which are typically not controlled by the crane operator. For example attaching slings to hooks, controlling dynamic positioning, adjust the ballast, and controlling the banksman. Additionally the instructor is able to control the weather and sea state during simulation.

Virtual training aids
The virtual environment offers the possibility to aid trainees with extra cues, in order to improve their skills. For example interactive virtual boxes help them to stay within the optimal and safe work area.

Record and replay
Training sessions can be recorded and replayed later. This replay reconstruct all the actions done in the previous simulation and the instructor or operator can navigate freely through the simulation in replay mode to examine the last session from all perspectives.

Using the simulator with custom payloads

Tree C has provided training to Huisman simulator engineers how to expand the simulator with extra payloads, deck layouts and environmental models. This enables Huisman to prepare and rehearse future lifting operations in a risk free environment and to demonstrate a specific lift operation to their clients.