Remote handling

Remote HandlingRemote handling is the method of performing tasks by operator or maintenance personnel unable to personally go into the environment where the task needs to be done. Remote handling uses a manipulator (Slave) which may be placed in the work area by a Transporter and is equipped with end-effectors or tool fingers to perform the tasks. These manipulators are controlled from a safe area by Master devices.

The need for remote handling will arise when the equipment needs to be maintained, modified or just operated to fulfill its task.

Traditional application areas for this type of technology are in the Nuclear, Underwater, Defense and Space sectors but there is an increase in the use of remote handling in the Medical sector and even in Manufacturing.

Together with our consultancy and hardware partners, we are able to implement remote handling applications in these sectors. Tree C uses its VR4MAX technology, and a special version: VR4Robots to answer the challenging demands of this industry.