VR4MAX Support

Questions about VR4MAX? Please use the contact form to send us your questions, feedback, feature requests, etc. We will send you a reply within two working days. Requests that cannot be not resolved directly are managed with our issue tracking system and we will keep you informed of the status of your request.

Please also check the FAQ and the download section for information that may answer your question.



What are the system requirements to run VR4MAX?

VR4MAX can be used with modern consumer laptops and pc's and performs best on systems configured for gaming with an NVIDIA (GeForce) graphics card. To test VR4MAX with your hardware download the trial version from the download section. If you have specific questions about your configuration or requirements, please contact us.

With which Autodesk 3ds Max version is VR4MAX compatible?

VR4MAX Compatibility:

  • VR4MAX R7.9 with 3DS MAX 2016-2018
  • VR4MAX R7.8 with 3ds Max 2014 - 2016.
  • VR4MAX R7.7 with 3ds Max 2013 - 2015.

Are there VR4MAX Tutorials available?
How do I configure my Extreme setup?

Introduction VR4MAX Extreme can be used to view VR4MAX models in multi pipe setups. A virtually unlimited number of views can be configured using view configurations for various setups. VR4MAX Extreme configurations:                  Read more..

Can I move my license to another PC?

Yes, this is possible. To request a license transfer please proceed as follows:

  1. Save your current license file or fingerprint code (Go to START, Programs, VR4MAX R7, VR4MAX Generator 64(or 32)-bit, Standalone (or Network) licensing, Enter Standalone (or Network) license key. For more info see: how to get your fingerprint from your machine?)
  2. Cancel your current license. Go to START, Programs, VR4MAX R7, VR4MAX Generator 64(or 32)-bit, Standalone (or Network) licensing, Cancel Standalone (or Network) license key. This results in a cancel code, save this as well.
  3. Install VR4MAX on your new PC
  4. Get the new fingerprint code
  5. Send us an email with the following information: Old license or  fingerprint, cancel code, new fingerprint
Transferring your license is one time free, after that an admin fee of 50 EURO applies.

How do I activate my license?

When you have received your VR4MAX license file you can activate the license by saving it to your desktop and then double click it. Make sure to have full admin rights on the system. On Windows 7 or later machines it may be necessary to disable the User Account Control(UAC). For instructions, here you can find how to disable User Account Control (external link).

How do I get the hardware fingerprint from my system?

The hardware fingerprint is a unique code for your system and is necessary to make a VR4MAX license. To get the fingerprint code:

  1. Install VR4MAX on your system.
  2. Go to START, All Programs, VR4MAX R7, VR4MAX Generator (or Extreme), Standalone (or Network) licensing, Enter standalone (or network) license.
  3. Here you will find the eight digit fingerprint code. Please send us this code in order to receive your license.

I want to use VR4MAX for my educational institute, can I get a discount?

Yes we offer educational institutes substantial discounts. Please contact us to request a quote for your institute.

How do I buy VR4MAX?

Your question not listed? Please contact us