Seeing Is Believing – Tree C Unveils A New Multi-Asset Simulator Demo

Seeing Is Believing – Tree C Unveils A New Multi-Asset Simulator Demo

Choosing to invest in any type of new software is a big decision. Simulators are no exception. For our clients, it is important to understand how it can benefit their business – and the return on investment – but they also want to see what they’re getting.

That’s why, at Tree C, we’ve created a new demo setup to showcase what’s possible with our multi-asset simulators. And we’re excited to share it with you! Looking for multidisciplinary crew training? Preparing a complex operation? Discover our multi-asset approach for offshore simulation.

What we’ve done

Demos have always been an important part of our business. But communicating the value of our simulators is not usually the problem. What customers really want to know is what the simulators look like and how they work. In the past, we would demo part of an ROV operation or a heavy lifting activity. Now we can combine both (and more).

So we’ve set up two workstations sharing the same VR environment – one for an underwater ROV and one for controlling a crane. Hanging from the crane is a piece of equipment – a blowout preventer (BOP) – that needs to be placed on top of a subsea structure. Correct installation requires interaction with the ROV. Our new demo facilitates this maneuver, including communication between operators stationed in different rooms.

To emulate the experience of people working together across different locations, our multi-asset simulator demo is set up in different rooms. This makes it possible to have two or more operators working separately yet collaboratively on the same scenario.

In fact, our new demo facility can be set up in different ways with various pieces of connected hardware. And, to give our customers maximum flexibility, we can also integrate touchscreens to replicate a variety of real-world control panels.

Why we’ve done it

In most cases, we receive a request for a specific simulator for one specific purpose. With this new demo we would like to inspire our clients with the unlimited possibilities of combined multi-asset simulation with huge potential for the offshore industry. Think of increasing safety by multidisciplinary crew training and life-like preparation of complex combined operations.

This is the first time we’ve put together a multi-asset simulator demo for customers to see and interact with. We think it will help close the imagination gap. Rather than having to imagine what a multi-asset simulator might look like and how it could be used, people can see it within an actual setup. This helps them visualize what their own simulator environment could look like, and how they might use it.

Simulator built around you

One of the greatest advantages of seeing a multi-asset simulator in action is that customers can get hands-on with the technology. Not only that, we can use our flexible simulator framework, and database of assets to create scenarios that more closely resemble those of our potential clients.

That means our new multi-asset simulator demo provides a much clearer picture of what’s possible. In fact, companies who witness a demo usually end up in discussions with each other, sharing all kinds of ideas for what they could do with the technology. The end result is a more tailored simulation approach, providing confidence to decision-makers involved with the purchase of a simulator. Seeing is definitely believing!

Interested in seeing a multi-asset simulator in action? We’d love to show you! Contact us.