VR4MAX Extreme

Multi-channel projection

VR4MAX Extreme links multiple PCs into a cluster and provides output for virtual reality cubic rooms, panoramic rooms, immersive tables/desks, high-resolution image walls, and multiple desktop monitors in any configuration. VR4MAX Extreme supports both active and passive stereo projection and a variety of tracking and pointing devices. Extreme works with the same .vmx files as the Generator for the desktop, so no extra preparation for multiprojection mode necessary.

VR4MAX Extr01

VR4MAX Extreme implements advanced multi threading technology to get the most out of your multi-processor machines. This technology implements dedicated processors to perform special tasks within the virtual environment, like physics calculation, positional sound processing, simulation control etc. The view configuration facility supports the set-up of any projection configuration, even with asymetric frustrums.

And as with all other members of the VR4MAX family it takes the same and compatible .vmx file you also use on your notebook or desktop workstation.

VR4MAX Extreme supports VR Conferencing, making VR4MAX a complete and scalable collaboration tool for a wide variety of users from many professional disciplines. Multiple users can navigate within one real-time virtual reality environment, simultaneously and from anywhere on the globe. VR4MAX Extreme VR Conferencing has a high return by saving time and money on traveling for project reviews etc.

VR4MAX Extreme configurations:                 

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