JET (Joint European Torus) fusion project for nuclear fusion research

VR4Robots® at CCFE

This fall UKAEA contracted Tree C to perform the upgrade of the remote handling facility within the Culham Centre of Fusion Energy (CCFE). With a 17 month maintenance shutdown to commence in mid-December 2014 the VR4Robots® software, running in the remote handling control room, was successfully upgraded to the latest revision. The inside of the thermo-nuclear fusion research reactor at CCFE is an environment hostile to human beings. In order to maintain and repair the reactor, as well as reconfigure it with new components before any new series of fusion experiments, a bespoke Remote Handling system was developed at the CCFE. Virtual Reality as applied in VR4Robots® plays an important role in preparing, validating and timing of maintenance procedures and in filling in the visual gabs during the actual operations. Tree C takes pride in being part of this ground breaking fusion research project.

Image courtesy of CCFE.