VR4Robots at JET UK


In the JET (Joint European Torus) fusion project for nuclear fusion research in UK, VR4Robots® is successfully used for designing, validating, planning and execution of maintenance tasks during shut down periods. The last shutdown of JET started in October 2009 and ended in May 2011. It was the fifth to be carried out remotely since commissioning the fusion device in 1983. During this period 86,000 components were changed inside the JET torus, one of the heating systems was enhanced and diagnostics systems were added. The world’s  largest magnetic fusion device, JET, uses now the same materials in the vessel as its successor ITER, an international experiment which is being built in France. The upcoming experiments in JET are leading to better understanding of how to build and operate ITER.

Background information: As a joint venture, JET is collectively used by more than 40 laboratories of EURATOM Associations. The European Fusion Development Agreement, EFDA for short, provides the work platform to exploit JET in an efficient and focused way (www.jet.efda.org.)