Huisman SkyHook 2400mT Simulator

This simulator replicates the Skyhook crane, designed and made by Huisman and installed on Huisman China’s own quayside. It is the strongest quayside crane in the world and capable of lifting approximately 2000 cars in one lift. With a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 1200mt (without super ballast) and a SWL of 2400mt (with super ballast) can this crane travel along the complete Huisman quayside of 380m length. The crane reaches to 145m high when the boom is up and this is equivalent to a building of 50 floors. The Skyhook is an impressive landmark in Xiamen Port area and will be used for loading/unloading and installation activities at the Huisman quayside.

The simulator will be used for validating and training procedures. It is a HIL simulator (hardware in the loop) enabling engineering and testing of control system software as well.