Huisman 400mT OMC Simulator

The main purpose of the simulator is training operators and to get them familiarized with our equipment. The simulator can also be used for presentation purposes, for instance on exhibitions or for testing the control system software. For this reason the actual control system is integrated within the simulator.

Within the simulator the Huisman 400mT Offshore Mast Crane (OMC) is permanently installed on board a vessel especially designed for lift operations at sea or open water. In its Safe Working Load (SWL) calculations a dynamic factor is taken into consideration to incorporate vessel movements due to waves.

There are 2 independent systems for hoisting, each with its own hook. The main hoist is the largest and capable of lifting the highest load. A smaller whip hoist has lower lifting capabilities but has a larger outreach. An extension arm (Fly-jib) can be mounted on the main jib. This can be used to give the whip hoist a greater radius. The main hoist consists of a separate traction winch and storage winch.

The simulator is installed within the Huisman Academy’s impressive 9 channel fully immersive dome.