Backhoe Dredging Simulator, Van Oord


Tree C developed a backhoe dredging simulator for Van Oord, The Netherlands. This simulator enables the training of operators in handling the Backacter 1100 backhoe dredging vessel. The real vessel is unique in its size.

The Van Oord simulator includes a large 4 channel projection set-up and a copy of the cabin, including all handling devices, mounted on a motion platform. Van Oord’s extended soil mechanics knowledge is implemented for accurate behaviour of the equipment, which is flexible in its dredging configuration. Alternative sticks and buckets (up to 40 m3) can be selected. The original control system used on the dredger itself in part of the simulator, enabling the experts of Van Oord to develop and experiment with automating the dredging process in a safe simulator environment, and before taking it on board.