Launch of Sentio for SMD, synthetic environment for de-risking offshore operations

Launch of Sentio for SMD, synthetic environment for de-risking offshore operations

As an answer to offshore majors seeking to control cost and reduce risk, Tree C developed SentioTM for offshore service provider SMD .  SentioTM will be the first of a number of new offerings by SMD Services and provides the user with a realistic and flexible virtual environment for safe and cost effective mission planning. SentioTM adds value through the complete offshore operational life cycle, from design to decommissioning.

Huge savings on offshore operations can be made through preventing delay and production losses by applying :

  • First time right design by verification in VR
  • Virtual mission planning and rehearsal
  • Virtual integration and testing of equipment and control systems

Dr Mahesh Menon, Digital Services Product Manager: “SentioTM, developed with our technology partner Tree C, generates a unique insight into offshore operations. This enhanced perspective means the customer is able to make highly informed decisions, ensuring operations are safe, reliable and fully optimized prior to the real life operation.” “SentioTM will help get the job done first time right”.

The platform was launched at OSEA2016 in Singapore. SentioTM was well received by a broad audience. Feedback form experienced operators testing the platform confirmed the high fidelity: “Just like the real thing!”. And decision makers acknowledging the value of SentioTM as the right tool for optimizing offshore operations.

The synthetic environment for (W)ROVs is just a first step, based on Tree C’s extensive experience in offshore simulation there is more to follow, all within the same flexible platform where generic solutions can be easily combined with tailor made scenarios.