Huisman expands use of Tree C Heavy Lift Simulators to global offices

Huisman expands use of Tree C Heavy Lift Simulators to global offices

Besides the simulators installed in the Huisman Academy (Schiedam, NL) and the Skyhook simulator in their China office Huisman now installed crane simulators within their Singapore and Houston offices.

Mr. Palakodety, Managing Director of Huisman Far East Services: “We are happy with the outcome of our association with Tree C in developing the 400mt OMC simulator for Huisman Singapore. This adds to our capability to offer to our customers training, expert investigations and troubleshooting.”

Huisman has installed an OMC simulator in order to train future crane operators. The simulator will also be used for commercial activities like presentations. A third use is the possibility to test control system software updates since the genuine PLC is part of the simulator.

Mr. G.A. Weder, Managing Director of Tree C Technology BV: “Besides for operator training, our simulators are more importantly used for mission planning. Tree C simulators create a risk free environment in which alternative ways to execute offshore operations can be safely validated and rehearsed. This reduces operational risks and lead-times and thus operational expenses, a key decisive factor for offshore contractors in current market.”

Tree C provided training to the Huisman crew in order for them to build their own custom payloads and scenarios.