Tree C develops 3D simulation technology and advanced simulators for training, procedure design- and validation and research.

The simulators are based on our VR4MAX® technology, featuring photorealistic visuals, accurate physical behavior and precise hydrodynamics where needed. We build specific simulators for all kinds of industries, with a specialization in simulation of offshore operations and heavy industry.

Besides their VR expertise, our engineers have the technical skills to translate the existing or engineered, and not yet build, equipment, into a fully operational virtual representation. In addition we cooperate with several renowned experts in the field of hydrodynamics, heavy lifting and remote handling.

SPO Bridge

Key features:
– Efficient workflow from modeling to VR
– Fully scalable from laptop to 360° VR theatre
– Photorealistic visuals and weather system
– Accurate physics simulation
– Accurate hydrodynamics
– Event action and scripting
– Connecting real equipment through PLC technology
– Flexible in house developed technology platform

Efficient workflow
We use industry standard modelling tools like Autodesk 3ds Max, and re-use existing CAD data where available. Interactivity, behavior and virtual reality experience are added by the VR4MAX® technology. This results in short production cycles and high return on investments, even for simulations of onetime operations.

Standard technology and specific functionality
Most simulators consist of a combination of standard technology building blocks and simulator specific functionality. Some simulators have become standard and just need your own environment to be completed; others need tuning or additional functionality to precisely fit your objectives. We can develop complete simulators, or supply the tools and consultancy to support you building your own simulator.

Scalable solutions and PLC connectivity
In terms of visualization Tree C solutions are scalable from laptop to 360° field of view VR theatres or virtually any other form of projection. Many peripherals and controls driving the virtual equipment can be connected directly or through the actual PLC used within the existing equipment. This even gives the opportunity to test the PLC software intended for the existing equipment on the simulator first before implementing it on the real machine. This potentially prevents damaging your valuable equipment and reduces costly down time.

Tree C is able to take on board any challenge, supporting your projects with state-of-the-art virtual reality simulation solutions, so you are well prepared for the real world!