VR4MAX  software for interactive 3D visualization and simulation
Use VR4MAX to create  professional VR applications ranging from interactive design visualizations up to sophisticated 3D walk throughs and connection with to third party applications.

The EASIEST way from 3ds Max model to interactive VR application
VR4MAX is the Autodesk 3ds Max plug-in that turns your fully rendered 3D models into a real-time interactive experience with only mouse clicks. The VR environment offers easy navigation, great render performance even with the largest models, photorealistic visuals and an atmosphere system for creating a stunning and highly realistic weather conditions.

Immersive experience
Use industry standard peripherals, like head mounted displays, to turn your model into a fully immersive experience. VR4MAX is scalable from single screen laptop or desktop computer up to 360˚ panorama walls and supports several types of stereo projection and tracking devices.


  • Maximum frames per second from your hardware
  • Simple and robust workflow from modeling to VR
  • Virtually unlimited model size
  • Event action and physics simulation
  • Fully scalable from laptop to VR theatre