VR4Robots at DIFFER


DIFFER is the Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research. The fusion physics department carries out research in fusion energy as part of the FOM, EURATOM and ITER funsion program. The focus is on the physics of burning plasma, its diagnostics and heating by powerful mm-wave beams

In 2011, the Remote Handling Study Centre (RHSC) located at the attic of the Rijnhuizen mansion of the FOM Institute DIFFER, opened. Their mission is to deliver “Effective Remote Handling maintenance scenarios for ITER”.

(source www.differ.nl )

DIFFER about the VR4Robots based Virtual Slave Simulator:
The Virtual Slave Simulator (VSS) software is to create haptic interaction from the VR. This allows us to work with a human in a master-slave control loop to simulate RH operations with force-feedback.

The VSS integrates a physics engine (PhysX from Nvidia) with one or more master devices (currently two Sensable Phantom Omni\’s) and our VR solution (VR4Robots) to create a VR simulation with force-feedback. This can do neat things such as:

– Welding tool manipulation, including realistic behavior of the umbilical
– Gripping objects by friction-locking or by form-locking
– Full scene collision detection

Possibilities are endless.

Check this link for movies on the DIFFER website