Rock Dumping

Joseph Plateau 3

Rock dumping vessels are capable of dumping rocks on the sea bed. Most common applications are protection and/or thermal isolation of pipelines and levelling of the sea bed before installing offshore constructions or pipelines. Long pipelines are buried to protect them against damage.

This can be done in water depths up to 2000 meters. In deep-water rock dump operations, flexible fall pipe vessels are used. These vessels can transport rocks of various sizes. A dynamic positioning system together with a Remote Operate Vehicle make sure that the rocks can be dumped with high precision.

A well trained crew is vital to maximize production and reduce downtime caused by human error. Tree C is capable of simulating the full operation process, including stone flow, fall pipe operation, and fall pipe ROV position up to a full mission simulator where also the Work class ROV operator and DP operator cooperate in the simulation. Real controls can be integrated to ensure a training facility that comes as close to reality as possible.