Deep sea mining and Trenching

trenching ROVTwo activities taking place on, or rather in the sea floor sharing a number of the same characteristics: remote controlled; very low to no visibility; complex manoeuvres; capital intensive machines and support fleet; expensive operations.

Tree C has experience in providing remedies to these counter acting aspects adding to the productivity of the subsea operations with realistic training simulators but also by creating a clear view for the operator on the operation during actual production, so operational control.

This Tree C development pioneered already 10 years ago when trenches were cut for the Snøhvit project, the first offshore development in the Barents Sea. Deep Sea Mining encounters the same challenges as trenching, but only more extreme.

Today this technology is still considered innovative. The expertise in this field is fuelled with the experience in offshore equipment simulation in general and knowledge gained in the Remote Handling applications Tree C has operational in the nuclear (fusion) industry.