Mission statement

Tree C develops real-time 3D simulators for industrial applications, with a specialization in offshore equipment simulation and remote handling and control. Tree C simulators stand out for their excellent visual quality and highly realistic physics simulation.

Our products are of crucial importance in various stages of our client’s processes. Tree C simulators offer substantial added value during:

  • The engineering process: Optimal configurations but also faults or dangerous situations can be detected already during the engineering process.
  • Validation of Control System Software: Control System (PLC – Hardware in the loop) Software  can be tested and validated before it is applied to the real equipment (offshore).
  • Operator training: Improved safety and limited damage are the result of well trained personnel.
  • Preparation of procedures: Our technology enables careful preparation and validation of designed procedures.
  • Sales support: The sales process will benefit from impressive 3D product or procedure demonstration.

Tree C commits itself to being a reliable partner for her clients. This means we do the utmost to ensure delivery of our projects according to scope and planning. Good communication and a timely and flexible response to our client’s requests are part of our approach.

Corporate Vision

Tree C aims at maintaining a leading position in offshore equipment simulation. This position is ensured by continuous improvement of our three driving forces: Technology, Workflow and Innovation.

Our technology has to meet high standards with respect to quality and reliability, as demanded by the industry. Tree C simulators are characterized by high visual quality and realistic behavioral simulation.

Being an innovative company Tree C keeps track of all technological developments for possible application in the world of 3D simulation. Also continuous developments are going on to profit from capabilities of the latest hardware. This way we keep our solutions state-of-the-art.

By keeping the production process as efficient as possible Tree C is able to offer a healthy price-quality ratio, and still deliver tailor made solutions.

Tree C is well reputed for its industry-relevant technical know-how, and for being responsive to client’s requests. Since our technology is applied in crucial processes of our clients business, being a timely and effective reacting organization is adding to our reputation is this demanding market.

While our technology has a wide field of application, our projects are targeted at simulation of offshore equipment and processes. Because of this specialization, our technicians have the knowledge, skills and experience to fully understand these systems and be a valuable discussion partner to our clients.

Our experience with offshore techniques and our knowledge of 3D simulation have proven to be a valuable combination for our clients.

Tree C has close connections to various research institutes, e.g. in the field of remote handling, soil mechanics and hydrodynamics. In these institutes Tree C contributes to scientific projects by being a technology sponsor/supplier and Tree C has access to the latest scientific results in these relevant areas.