About Tree C

Tree C is an independent, privately held company, established in 1994 and is headquartered in Ede in The Netherlands. Coming from a background in 3D CAD, PDM, Knowledge Based Engineering and visualization software, we develop our own real time 3D visualization and simulation software since 2001.

Gerard Weder, founder and CEO

The VR4MAX product family is the VR platform for our offshore equipment simulators and is deployed in a wide range of visualization and simulation industries and educational institutes worldwide.

Offshore Simulation
Tree C has established a firm position within the world of offshore simulation. Through our extensive experience within the offshore industry, and the expertise of our engineers,   Tree C is able to cover a broad spectrum of offshore equipment simulators. These simulators have proven to be a valuable contribution to operational efficiency and safety for their owners and operators. The spectrum covers drilling rigs, heavy lift and pipe lay equipment, ROV simulation and control, dredging and more. Tree C is also capable of simulating multidiscipline procedures, such as, for instance ROV assisted heavy lift seabed landings.

Multi-purpose simulation
The simulators are used to train personnel and to design and validate procedures. Furthermore, the simulators are efficient tools in the design and engineering process by providing a safe and realistic test environment for the original equipment.

VR4MAX simulator technology
The VR4MAX simulator platform, combined with the latest PC-hardware, takes the simulator to a level of realism never before seen in real-time systems. Many peripherals and (original) control devices can be connected to the virtual equipment directly or through the actual PLC used within the real equipment. In terms of visualization Tree C solutions are scalable from laptop to 360° field of view VR theatres or virtually any other form of projection.

Your project
We invite you to contact us at info@tree-c.nl to discuss your project.